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The Film Production Technician program provides students with the specialized knowledge required to perform a wide variety of tasks required to be competitive for technical positions in Utah’s local film industry.

Salt Lake Community College students master skills encountered in the professional world of pre-production, production, and post-production. Curriculum involves:

  • Learning how to build, set up, and operate professional cinema cameras.
  • The pre-production process, including script breakdown and scheduling.
  • Grip and electric work, setting up and rigging cinema lighting and stands.
  • Production audio acquisition and post-production audio sweetening and mixing.
  • Post-production work, including assistant editing, editing, and color grading.
  • Working on a professional sound stage, learning electrical distribution, set construction, and set operations.

Students may train for various film industry positions, such as:

  • Assistant Camera
  • Sound Recordist
  • Grip
  • Camera operator
  • Assistant Editor
  • Editor
  • Light Technician
  • Production Assistant
  • Assistant Director
  • Sound Mixer

The program involves students with full-time faculty as well as expert film industry professionals who teach courses within their areas of expertise.

The local film industry is highly supportive of efforts to train people in these areas and will provide internship opportunities for SLCC students.