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Geography is a branch of geography which describes the spatial aspects of interactions between humans and the natural world. It does require the understanding of dynamics of geology, meteorology, hydrology, biogeography, ecology, and geomorphology, as well as those ways in which human societies conceptualize the environment.

SLCC offers degrees in Geography and Geospatial Technology related fields:

  • The Associate of Science degree in Geography is a transfer degree offering a broad general education. Students develop a geographic perspective of the world ranging from cultural and human influences on the planet, the physical environment, and how the human/environment interaction influences regions around the world. Students are also introduced to the latest geospatial technology scientists are using today to spatially analyze and understand the physical and cultural world!

  • The Associate of Applied Science degree in Geographic Information Science Technology (GIST), addresses the technological areas of geography. This degree prepares students to enter one of the fastest growing fields in geospatial technology.

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