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Posthumous Degrees

Deceased students may be awarded posthumous college credentials in memory of their achievements at SLCC under the following conditions:

  1. The deceased student has completed at least 80% of course and credit-hour requirements for his/her program of study.
  2. The deceased student is in good academic standing and has earned a minimum 2.00 GPA at SLCC.
  3. The deceased student has been enrolled in the college within the past two years.

Individuals or organizations associated with the deceased student may submit requests to the Vice President for Student Affairs, along with documentation of the student's death. The Vice President's office will work with the Registrar and the Graduation Office to verify that minimum requirements have been met.

The Vice President's office will notify the requestor once a decision has been made:

  • If the request is approved, the award is posted to the deceased student's transcript and the requestor will be provided with the appropriate paper diploma/certificate and cover, if any.
  • If minimum requirements are not met, the Vice President will determine if the circumstances warrant the awarding of a Certificate of Academic Achievement.

If a Certificate of Academic Achievement is awarded, the Graduation Office will provide it to the requestor. No notations of this certificate will be made on the deceased student's transcript.