Students must audition for placement in most of SLCC's ensembles.

Each year, a general audition is held in February or March for the coming school year. All who wish to join an ensemble at SLCC the following Fall, including current high school seniors, are encouraged to attend this audition. This audition serves both for placement in SLCC's ensembles and for consideration for potential talent-based scholarships. (All of SLCC's music scholarships are tied to participation in an ensemble - see Scholarships.)

All students interested in participating are encouraged to audition. There are usually spots available in nearly every performing group, and tuition waivers are also still available for qualified students. (All talent-based tuition waivers are tied to participation in a performing ensemble.) 

Interested students should contact the appropriate director.

Auditioning for Salt Lake Community College Instrumental Ensembles:


  1. Auditions will last approximately 10 minutes.
  2. Come prepared to perform 2 compositions for your instrument with contrasting styles. Choose one composition to show off your technical skills (range, quickness, technique, etc.) and the other to show off your expressive capabilities.
  3. You will also be asked to perform major and minor scales.
  4. You may be asked to sight-read a selection of music.
  5. You may contact Dr. Craig Ferrin at or 801-957-3465 for more information.