Employee Permits

2021-2022 Employee Parking Permits

It is time for all Employees to renew their SLCC Parking Permit for the new school year! Please review the instructions on how to renew your parking pass. Make sure you obtain your new permit prior to August 31, 2021.

Purchase a parking permit

You may register your vehicles and obtain your parking permit through MySLCC under the Employee tab. The Parking section is on the bottom left. Clicking Purchase Permits/Pay Citations will take you to the Parking Services portal where you will click the MySLCC button to log in and start the process.

Once logged in to the portal, you can verify your current registered vehicle information. From here you can add vehicles or remove vehicles you no longer own or drive.

  • To renew or purchase a permit click Buy Permit.
  • After selecting the “Faculty/Staff Annual” permit option, you may then add vehicles to your permit by clicking the check box next to each vehicle listing.
  • Employees are permitted to have up to 5 license plates registered to their pass.
  • New vehicles can also be added to your permit by clicking Add New Vehicle. You will need this information to add a vehicle:
    • Vehicle Type/State/License Plate Number/Style/Color
  • Vehicles left unchecked will not be added to your permit but can be added later on the Parking Services website.

    NOTE: only one vehicle associated to a parking permit may park on campus at one time. If two vehicles associated with the same permit are found parked on any campus within 24 hours, both vehicles will receive a citation.

The department is paying for the permit. The check the box labeled “IDB” must be checked when finalizing the purchase. When the registration process is complete a notice congratulating you for your purchase will appear and you will receive an email.

You may check and manage the status of your SLCC parking permit/vehicles on the Parking Services website at any time.

  • Most full-time employees are provided parking permits, paid for by their department. Faculty and Staff register their vehicles and purchase a permit online. Department Authorization for Parking Permit Log in using your MYSLCC username and password.

  • Permits are virtual with no physical permit/sticker and are tied to the vehicle's license plate.


  • Permit owners are responsible for updating their vehicle information if they get a different vehicle, different license plate number or temporarily drive a different vehicle to campus.

  • License plates (rear or front) must be easily visible to the parking lot aisle/roadway. License plates displayed behind objects (bicycle racks, bumper guards) or on a vehicle dashboard are not acceptable.

  • Parking permits are transferable from the permit owner's vehicle to another vehicle in their possession. The permit is NOT transferable from person to person.

  • Employee permits cost $60.00 a year.