The Community Anthology

Announcing the Third Annual SLCC Community Anthology

Definition: A collection of artistic works that have a similar form or subject, often those considered to be the best.

Call For Submissions

close up of blue eye You’re invited to submit a piece of writing—a memoir, a story, flash fiction, brief essay, poem—or a piece of visual art (photo, painting, drawing, etc.) for the third annual anthology of literary writing and art from the whole SLCC community.

Anyone connected to SLCC—whether you work here, you’re a student here, you’re an alumna/alumnus or you plan to come here one day—is welcome to submit writing or art for this anthology.

Special Call: In addition to the types of entries mentioned above, we are seeking brief poems (eight lines or less) for this anthology. A few poems may be chosen for a permanent installation on the SLCC campus. Other brief poems will be selected for a special section within the anthology. Consider haiku, tanka, couplets, and other short forms—any short poem will be considered for this selection.


pen writing on paper

Submission Deadline

September 15, 2018
Publication date: January 2019


Submission Guidelines

You may submit:

  • 3-5 poems (one poem per page; put “Poetry” in the subject line);
  • 1-3 short prose pieces (story, flash fiction, brief essay, memoir; put “Prose” in the subject line); or
  • Image (please send image in a small file size—if selected, we will request a larger file)


How to Submit Your Work

Submit your work in one of two ways:

  • Via email at
    • Include contact information in the body of your email (name, email address, phone, mailing address).
  • Through our online submission form.

Submit to Anthology


Any questions? Please contact Lisa Bickmore at