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Parking Services


    It is the policy of Salt Lake Community College to maintain a financially self-sufficient parking program that ensures adequate, orderly, reasonably proximate, and safe parking opportunities.

    1. Definitions, Utah Code Ann. § 41-6a-102.
    2. Enforcement of Regulations at Institutions, Utah Code Ann. §§ 53B-3-101—110.
    3. Funding of Parking Facilities Repair Costs, Utah State Bd. of Regents r. 763.
    1. Appeals Officer: A member of Parking Services chosen by the executive director of Public Safety.
    2. Appeals Committee: A committee convened to hear and decide parking-fine appeals.
    3. Citation or Ticket: A written notice issued by Parking Services that a vehicle is parked on college property in violation of the college’s Parking Services Policy.
    4. Motorcycle: A motor vehicle with a saddle for the use of the rider and designed to travel on not more than three wheels in contact with the ground. This term includes a moped or mini-bike.
    5. Park or Parking: The standing of a vehicle, whether the vehicle is occupied or not.
    6. Parking Facilities: Any college structure, area, or lot which has been designated to park vehicles and motorcycles.
    7. Parking Rule: A written directive that governs a process that is unique to Parking Services.
    8. Parking Services: Office that is responsible for parking administration, issuing parking permits, and enforcement of this policy.
    9. Permit Holder: Any person who is issued a parking permit.
    10. Stall: A space located in a parking facility with painted boundaries that is designating that space for vehicle parking.
    11. Supervisor: The executive director of public safety, the Parking Services manager, and Parking Office supervisors.
    12. Vehicle: A self-propelled vehicle intended primarily for use and operation on the highways.
    13. Virtual Permit: An electronic parking permit issued by Parking Services.
    14. Visitor Parking Lot: The parking lot directly north of the Student Center at the Taylorsville Redwood Campus.
    1. Responsibility to Administer College Parking Services function.

      The executive director of public safety or authorized designees in Parking Services are the only persons authorized to administer, plan, issue permits, conduct enforcement and undertake all other necessary actions to implement the college’s parking system.

    2. Permit Requirements, Permit Types, and Application Process
      1. Permit Requirement:

        Except as noted below, any person parking a vehicle or motorcycle on a college campus must purchase an annual, semester, monthly, weekly or daily parking permit or park in a metered area or pay lot and pay the appropriate fee.

      2. Duration and Term of Parking Permits
        1. An annual parking permit is valid from July 1 to July 31 of the following year.
        2. Semester parking permits are valid as follows:
          1. Fall – July 1 to December 31.
          2. Spring – January 1 to May 31.
          3. Summer – May 1 to August 31.
        3. Monthly permits are valid for 30 calendar days.
        4. Weekly permits are valid for seven calendar days.
        5. Daily permits are valid only for the date purchased.
      3. Purchasing Annual, Semester, Monthly, and Weekly Parking Permits
        1. A completed application accompanied by the required fee must be submitted to Parking Services online.
        2. Student permit holders may have up to two vehicles authorized per permit. Staff and faculty may authorize up to five vehicles per permit. However, no more than one vehicle per permit may be parked simultaneously at any college parking facility.
          1. Any permit holder may apply for an exception to this one vehicle per permit parking rule from the Parking Services office.
          2. The Parking Services Office will grant this exception if good cause is shown.
          3. This authorization exception, if granted, will not be applied retroactively.
      4. Purchasing One-Day Parking Permit
        1. All visitors to the college must park at a metered stall or obtain a day permit from any of the following locations:
          1. the college’s online portal;
          2. parking kiosks located at various college locations; or
          3. Parking Services.
        2. Visitors may also park at metered stalls.
    3. Campus Parking
      1. Parking is controlled 24 hours per day, year-round. Most parking is restricted to permitted vehicles or vehicles parked at metered stalls.
      2. Except as noted below, parking is permitted only in designated parking stalls. No vehicle may be parked contrary to Utah law.
      3. Except as noted otherwise, any vehicle, including a state vehicle, parked in a metered stall is required to pay.
      4. Employee and retirees may park in blue and yellow lined stalls.
      5. Students must park in yellow lined stalls. Students may park in blue lined stalls after 6:00 p.m. daily.
      6. There is no overnight parking on any campus or college parking facility without prior authorization from the parking office. Vehicles parked overnight are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.
      7. Vehicles without a license plate or vehicle identification number (VIN), will be immobilized (booted) or towed immediately.
      8. Parking Services reserves the right to change the designated use of lots or roadways at any time.
    4. Parking in the Visitor Parking Lot (Located on north side of Taylorsville Redwood Campus Student Center.)
      1. All parking rules contained in the policy apply to the Taylorsville Redwood Visitor Parking Lot. A map of the Visitor Parking Lot can be found here, and the fees can be found here.
      2. Administration of the visitor parking lot at the Taylorsville Redwood Campus will be in cooperation with the Student Life department.
    5. Individual Responsibility and Duties for Parking Permit Holders or Vehicle Operators
      1. The operation and parking of a vehicle on college property is a privilege granted by the college; it is not a right. Permits may be denied, suspended, or revoked for cause at any time by Parking Services office staff, the executive director of public safety, or the vice president for Finance and Administration.
      2. All persons parking on a college parking facility are required to observe all SLCC parking policies and regulations.
      3. Vehicle must be parked, so a license plate is visible from the nearest driving lane. Except for authorized temporary license plates, license plates must be fastened to vehicles in compliance with Utah law.
      4. Parking permits are not transferable.
      5. A permit holder is responsible for the security of a vehicle and its contents. The college is not responsible for any damage caused to a permit holder’s vehicle by theft, vandalism, or accident.
      6. If a vehicle becomes disabled while in a college parking facility, it is the permit holder or owner’s responsibility to notify Parking Services immediately. If a vehicle is not removed from the college parking facility within 48 hours, the vehicle may be towed.
      7. A permit holder may change the permitted vehicle (for example a new or loaner vehicle) by logging into the Parking Services portal. Changes must be registered with Parking Services before parking the vehicle at a college parking facility.
    6. Motorcycle, Moped and Bicycle Parking
      1. Motorcycles and Mopeds.
        1. All motorcycles and mopeds require parking permits to park in any college parking lot. These permits are valid only in designated motorcycle parking spaces.
        2. Motorcycles or mopeds may not be parked or operated in any building or entranceway, on sidewalks, lawns, or in bicycle racks. Improperly parked motorcycles and mopeds are subject to be impounded or towed immediately.
      2. Bicycles
        1. Bicycles must be parked at designated bike racks.
        2. Bicycles chained or otherwise attached to anything other than designated bike racks will be removed without notice.
        3. For impounded bicycles, contact Parking Services.
    7. Parking for Drivers with Disabilities
      1. The college has designated parking stalls for persons with disabilities on all campuses.
      2. Vehicles parked in these designated parking stalls must display a state-issued disabled license plate or placard.
      3. A college parking permit is required to park in disabled parking stalls.
      4. A vehicle with a state-issued disabled license plate or placard is authorized to park at any parking meter for 30 minutes without paying a fee.
    8. College-Owned Vehicle Parking
      1. College-owned maintenance vehicles may be parked at any college parking facility without a permit; however, the vehicle must comply with all parking regulations.
      2. In an emergency situation, college maintenance vehicles may be parked where needed. When parked other than in a marked stall, marker cones must be placed in the vehicle’s front and rear, or the vehicles emergency flashers must be activated.
    9. Athletic and Special College Events Parking

      During athletic or special college events, Parking Services may charge vehicles that do not have a parking permit to park at college parking facilities.

    10. Parking Enforcement, Appeal Rights, and Disciplinary Action
      1. Introduction
        1. Any vehicle in violation of this policy or parking rules is subject to enforcement by the college’s Parking Services office.
        2. Failure of the college’s Parking Services office to strictly enforce any parking regulation shall not be construed as a waiver for the future enforcement of the regulation.
      2. Enforcement
        1. Any college parking enforcement employee who observes a violation of this Parking Services policy is authorized to issue a citation to the vehicle owner or operator.
        2. When issuing a parking citation to the vehicle operator, the parking enforcement employee will provide notice of the violation in the following manner:
          1. The citation will be placed on the vehicle at the time of issuance, and
          2. If applicable, a copy will be transmitted to the owner or operators SLCC email account.
        3. Parking Services may issue multiple tickets on the same day for multiple or separate violations.
        4. Parking Services may issue multiple citations for the same violation on consecutive days.
        5. Parking Services officers will not discuss violations with anyone other than the person receiving the citation, a vehicle’s owner or an authorized legal representative.
      3. Imposition of Fines for Violations
        1. Parking Services is authorized to impose fines for violations of this policy. Fines vary.
        2. All fines must be paid on or before the seventh day after receiving a parking citation. If not paid on or before the seventh day, fines increase. In calculating days, the day the citation was issued is counted as day one.
        3. Fines can be paid online with a debit or credit card, or at Parking Services. Parking Services accepts most forms of payment.
        4. Parking Services will not accept personal checks for immobilized (booted ) or towed vehicles.
        5. All towing fees related to a parking violation must be paid in addition to the fine.
        6. College funds may not be used to pay for employee or student parking fines.
      4. Consequences of Failure to Pay Fine or Towing Expense.
        1. All vehicles with excessive unpaid citations are subject to being immobilized (booted) or towed at the owner’s expense.
        2. Parking Services will send all accounts with past due balance to a collection agency for possible legal action.
        3. Parking Services will place a hold on a student’s account for unpaid citations and other parking-related fees. Students whose account is being held may not be permitted to obtain grades, register for classes, transfer records, or graduate.
      5. Appeals of a Parking Fine
        1. Parking fines must be paid before any appeal.
        2. An appeal of a violation must be requested before the 25th day after receiving a parking citation.
        3. Appeals are made through the college’s Parking Services portal.
        4. Upon receipt of the appeal, the appeals officer will review the appeal and determine whether to uphold, dismiss, or modify the fine and notify the appellant within ten days.
        5. The appellant can appeal the appeals officer’s decision to the Parking Appeals Committee.
          1. Appeals to the Parking Appeals Committee must be within 25 days of the denial date.
          2. The Appeals Officer will call the appellant to schedule a hearing before the Parking Appeals Committee.
        6. The Parking Appeals Committee’s determination is final.
      6. The Parking Appeals Committee will include:
        1. one member of SLCC staff;
        2. one member of SLCC faculty;
        3. two students; and
        4. one law enforcement officer.

Date of last cabinet review: January 24, 2023

The originator of this policy & procedure is the Parking Services. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the originator by calling 801-957-4011.