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The Religious Studies program at Salt Lake Community College offers general education (Gen Ed.) courses on many subjects including cultural diversity, values, ethics, philosophy, scriptures and the role of religion in contemporary thought--violence, war, peace, abortion, euthanasia.

Our courses are designed to help you:

  • Increase your awareness of the world’s diverse religions, concepts and practices as well as gain an understanding of the near universal existence of religious practices and beliefs and how they relate to the human condition;
  • Become familiar with key concepts in the study of comparative religion, world religions and philosophy;
  • Ask questions, think critically, and communicate effectively in discussion and writing as well as in conducting research in this field and others;
  • Discover opportunities within your community to apply knowledge and practice tolerance;
  • Find strength, beauty and value in understanding humanity.

Many of these courses are also transferable to four-year institutions in Utah including the University of Utah and Utah State University. Please consult your instructor or adviser.