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Salt Lake Community College values its most important asset–its people. The College is committed to providing the training necessary for all employees to understand their compliance responsibilities under a variety of government regulations.

It is important for all employees including full-time, part-time, adjunct, paid or unpaid interns, and work study employees, to complete the required training to review existing processes, policies and guidelines to be able to protect employee and student physical safety and the information that we have been entrusted with. These trainings will help provide you the information needed to create a positive workplace where all individuals who are on our College campuses do not feel harassed, discriminated, or excluded due to gender, race, ethnicity, disability, or sexual preference.

In an effort to strengthen SLCC’s required training for all employees the college has transitioned to a platform called Vector Solutions. This new platform will provide employees with a more robust, streamlined and interactive experience with each of the required training courses, placing all course updates on a one-year or two-year cycle (details in the table below) with all courses taken at the same time.

When it is time for you to complete your required training, you will receive an email linking you to the platform. Upon receipt of the invitation, employees will have 90 days to complete the required training courses. The date of the invitation and training update will then remain consistent over time. For example, if you receive a biennial training invitation in January 2020, you will receive your next biennial invitation in January 2022, regardless of the exact date you completed training.

Required Training Courses for All Employees Include:

Course Title Course Length SLCC Transcript Code
Biennial Courses (every two years)
Accommodating People with Disabilities 45 minutes RADA
Preventing Harassment & Discrimination: Non-Supervisors (Utah) 90 minutes RADH
FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act 40 minutes RFER
Hazard Communication 30 minutes ROEP
Workplace Violence Prevention 40 minutes RWPV
Annual Courses (every year)

Workplace Bullying: Awareness and Prevention

27 minutes RWPB
Data Security & Privacy 70 minutes RDSP

Course Syllabi and learning objectives

Only SLCC Required Trainings are displayed in the College transcripts. Any extra training you take will not appear.

Review your required training status

Access your SLCC Employee Training Transcript before completing your required training courses. Your SLCC Employee Training Transcript will detail which courses you have completed and their expiration date. If your SLCC Employee Training Transcript has expired courses then you will need to complete the expired courses in Vector Solutions. If Vector Solutions does not contain the needed courses, please review the below section titled Self-Register for Required Training Courses.



We recommend using the Google Chrome browser for best results when completing your required trainings.

You can access the required trainings in two different ways:

  • Click the link to Vector Solutions that is found in the invitation email sent to your SLCC email address

Accessing Vector Solutions via Single Sign On:


After signing into Vector Solutions, you will be able to review the courses assigned to you within the My Assignments.


Self-Register for Required Training Courses

If you have accessed your Vector account and you do not see your assigned courses, you may self-register for SLCC's required training courses. To do this, navigate to the Extra Training section. Once on the Extra Training page, copy and paste the course title from the table above into the search function and click on the resulting course to view a detailed description of the course. If applicable, click on the correct version of the course (detailed above).

 Click here to watch the self-registration process video


Driver Safety Training

Driver Safety Training (DST) is only required for employees who drive for College business. In order to receive mileage reimbursement, you must complete Driver Training prior to the time of travel. The Driver Safety Training needs to be renewed every two years.

For more information and step-by-step instructions on completing driver training, please review the Driver Safety Program’s website. Questions regarding the Driver Safety Program can be directed to Risk Management or 801-957-4637.

Additional Information

As you are going through the training you may have questions, here are some tips for navigating the Vector Solutions platform.

When using the platform we recommend using the Google Chrome browser for the best results.

  • Do not create an account. An account should be automatically created for you the next day after you start your job. If not, notify the required training team.

The system will send you an email when it is time to do your training. When you are ready to go forward click on the link located within the course invitation.



This will send you to a browser window where you can log in on the landing page. If your browser is already signed into an SLCC system, the login process should begin without you needing to do anything.


When you are ready to start a course, go to the start button on the far right side of the dashboard.