Salt Lake Community College values its most important asset–its people. The College is committed to providing the training necessary for all employees to understand their compliance responsibilities under a variety of government regulations.

It is important for all employees including full-time, part-time, adjunct, paid or unpaid interns, and work study employees, to complete the required training to review existing processes, policies and guidelines to be able to protect employee and student physical safety and the information that we have been entrusted with. These trainings will help provide you the information needed to create a positive workplace where all individuals who are on our College campuses do not feel harassed, discriminated, or excluded due to gender, race, ethnicity, disability, or sexual preference.

In an effort to strengthen SLCC’s required training for all employees the college has transitioned to a platform called EverFi. This new platform will provide employees with a more robust, streamlined and interactive experience with each of the required training courses, placing all course updates on a two-year cycle with all courses taken at the same time.

When it is time for you to complete your required training you will receive an email linking you to the platform. Upon receipt of the invitation, employees will have 90 days to complete the required training courses. The date of the invitation and training update will then remain consistent over time. For example, if you receive a training invitation in January 2020, you will receive your next invitation in January 2022, regardless of the exact date you completed training.

Required Training Courses for All Employees Include:

Accommodating Disabilities


Harassment Prevention


Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Training


Hazard Communication (OSHA)


Workplace Violence


Data Security and Privacy - completed annually


Driver Safety Training

Renew every 2 years  
(Required only for employees who drive on College business. In order to receive mileage reimbursement, you must complete Driver Training prior to the time of travel.)

For more information and step-by-step instructions on completing driver training, please see:



Completing Your Required Training

As you are going through the training you may have questions, here are some tips for navigating the Everfi platform.

When using the platform we recommend using the Google Chrome browser for the best results.

If you are at this page:  000_login_sm.png

Do not try to log in using the login and password boxes. Click the red button Faculty & Staff Click Here. If you are signed into MySLCC, you will be taken into the Everfi platform. If you are not signed into MySLCC, you will be taken to a different login page. Use the same credentials you use to log into MySLCC.

If you cannot find the invitation email, and you want to log into the platform click here . But first, please read the pages below.

The system will send you an email when it is time to do your training. When you are ready to go forward click on the Log In button.

This will send you to a browser window where you can log in on the landing page.

Please click the Faculty & Staff Click Here button. If you are not signed into MySLCC, you will be taken to a different login page. Use the same credentials you use to log into MySLCC.

Signing in will take you to your required training dashboard. Each of the required training courses will be listed. To the right of each course, there is a field that says Due On and has the date by which you must complete the training.

When you are ready to start a course, go to the start button on the far right side of the dashboard.

If you need to make the training Accessible, click the Accessibility Mode button in the left bottom corner of the screen.

The title page will come up for your course. To continue forward click the next button at the bottom of the screen. The Back and Next buttons will guide you through the course.

You will then be taken to a welcome screen. Where you will find a letter introducing you to the course that you are about to take and give you additional information that you might need.

At the beginning of each course you will find a page that explains how to navigate through each course.

You will continue to go through the course page by page. Some pages will have features to help you learn additional information. For example, this page has cards that can be clicked and flipped to show the answers to the scenario that has been provided.

Once you click on the page it will turn the card over. You can learn more by clicking on the section on the bottom of the card.

This will pop open a new screen to provide additional information related to the topic. When you are ready to continue, click the X at the top right-hand side of the screen.

If the next button is grayed out, the system will not let you continue until you have completed all tasks. Once all are done the next button will be blue and you can continue to the next screen.

Some of the course require you to drag and drop the response to a scenario. Just click your mouse on the response you have chosen and drag it into the “Drop Answer Here” box.

Once you have completed the course a screen will appear titled Course Completed.

Once you click on Exit it will take you back to the main dashboard and your course that you just completed will be moved to a new tab titled Completed.

Throughout the training course you complete knowledge checkpoints. As you move your mouse over the choices it will highlight the one you are ready to choose. 

The checkpoint will then adjust to tell you if you are correct or not. If your answer is incorrect it will guide you to go back and try again.

When you finish the checkpoint it will prompt you to continue on in the course.

Whenever you come to a Policy Acknowledgment page be sure to read the policy. Click on Open Policy and the Policy will appear in a new screen.

Once you have read the policy type your name to acknowledge that you have read and understand the policy. Then click Submit.

Some courses will include links to the state laws. It is recommended that you open the links and read them so you are fully aware of your responsibilities.

If the course includes a video it will not start automatically. Click the play button on the bottom left side of the screen. If for any reason you navigate away from the screen the video will pause until you are ready to watch again. If you navigate away for too long you may have to sign back into the dashboard to continue on in the course.