Concurrent Enrollment Liaisons

Trudy Richardson

Trudy Richardson
Title: Visual Art/ Design Liaison
Oversees ART: 1010, 1020, 1120, 1530 and 1540 courses.
Manages: CE Art shows and Art workshops.
Campus: South City Portable: Room 104
Phone: 801.957.4743
Education: BFA University of Utah

Concurrent enrollment classes are college level classes offered to high school students for both high school and college credit. Concurrent enrollment students are enrolled for classes at both the high school and the College. Students taking classes at the high school register through their high school instructor. Instructors are responsible for registering their students each term.

While students earn high school credit, they also earn college credit, therefore reducing duplicated classes. SLCC college credits are recorded on a permanent college record and transcript. High schools are responsible for recording high school credits. Both vocational and general education classes may be offered.