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Yoga Instructor - 200 Hour

This program is designed to prepare students to become a yoga instructor. SLCC is an approved Yoga Alliance school at the 200 hour level, and the curriculum follows the Yoga Alliance requirements. Students will be introduced various asanas, yoga philosophies, meditation, pranayama, yoga anatomy and physiology, chakras, nadis, etc. At the end of the training, students will be prepared to apply their new skills and knowledge to teach others.

Contact Information
Paula Nielson-Williams, Program Manager 


Course HLTH 1350
Title Intro to Yoga Teacher Training
Prerequisite Recommended Prerequisite: HLAC 1057 or HLAC 1058 or personal practice

Class will cover the following principles of yoga: asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, chanting, mantra, meditation and other traditional yoga practices with equal time given to analytical training and teaching and practice techniques.

Course HLTH 1355
Title Yoga Teacher Training II
Description Class will cover human physical anatomy, physiology, and energy anatomy (chakras, nadis, etc.) as applied to the subject and application of yoga practice.
Course HLTH 1360
Title Yoga Teacher Training III
Description This course will focus on the philosophical and historical foundations of yoga, to understand the connection between asana practice and other 'yogic' practices to establish and refine a personal practice.
Course HLTH 1365
Title Yoga Teacher Training IV
Description This course delves deeper into pose breakdown, alignment, and progressing/regressing poses. This course also covers props and hands on adjustments.
Course HLTH 1370
Title Yoga Teacher Training Practicum
Description This class allows students to complete the required practical teaching requirements for the Yoga Alliance. Practicum teaching of Yoga classes will be done with fellow students during class and in the community as a volunteer.