Resources for Self-Advising

It’s always a good idea to review your program requirements with an academic advisor, but many of the resources we use are also available to you for review!

DegreeWorks Degree Audits

DegreeWorks is a personalized checklist of the classes you need for your program. Login using your MySLCC username and password. 

General Catalog

The General Catalog in an overview of the different programs of study we offer at SLCC that can clarify the class requirements that are listed in DegreeWorks.

Graduation Maps

Graduation maps are a part of the General Catalog that has recommended courses for a full-time student over 4 semesters.

Focus2Careers in Handshake

Handshake is the platform for you to find your major or find a job. Set up your account, go to the “SLCC Career Center,” and under “Resources” find Focus2Careers for different career assessments to narrow down your field of study (think Buzzfeed Quizzes with a purpose).

Health Science Advising

To apply to Health Science programs at SLCC, you will need to complete other requirements in addition to pre-requisite courses such as entrance exams or practical patient experience. Each SLCC Health Science program has an “admissions criteria packet” that outlines these additional requirements, your pre-requisite courses, and minimum grades for applying to these programs.

Advising FAQs