Grades and Grading Policies

SLCC awards letter grades of A to E, with corresponding quality points of 4 to zero to calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA) for all completed courses.

You can view your grades online about 5 days after the semester has ended. Visit:

  • MySLCC
  • Academics & Records tab
  • Grades

Incomplete Grades

You may be approved to receive an incomplete grade in a course if the following apply:

  • Circumstances in your life, such as serious illness, death in the family, or employment change prevent you from continuing in a course. You must provide documented proof.
  • You’re passing the course at the time you request an incomplete grade.
  • You’ve completed about 70 percent of your course. That percent may vary, depending on your instructor’s discretion.

After meeting all of the criteria above, request an incomplete grade from your instructor:

  • Coordinate with your instructor to create a contract that outlines work to be completed and/or tests to be taken, and the time allowed to complete them. Contracts typically last six months but no longer than one year. You do not need to re-register for an incomplete class.
  • If you don’t fulfill the contract within one year of receiving the incomplete grade, your incomplete grade will be changed to a failing grade of E, and you’ll have to retake the class to receive credit.

Repeat Courses

If you receive a low grade in a course, you can repeat the course to raise your grade and GPA. However, repeating courses might affect federal financial aid, and the time it takes for you to complete a program of study.

  • Repeated courses are automatically processed on your student record and marked with an “E” (exclude) in the repeat column on your transcript.
  • Repeated courses marked with an E are excluded from your GPA. However, grades for all repeated courses will be listed on your transcript.
  • The highest grade received among repeated courses will be marked with “I” (include) in the repeat column on your transcript and will be calculated in your GPA.
  • Only one repeated course, for the same course, may be included in the total credit hours earned toward graduation.
  • If you repeated courses prior to 2002, you’ll need to complete a Repeated Class Notification form and fax it to the Office of the Registrar and Academic Records at 801-957-4961.


SLCC participates in the Interstate Passport Initiative in which a block of lower-division general education classes is accepted between institutions and noted on your transcript for articulation purposes. SLCC issues the Passport upon completion of the General Education Certificate of Completion with a C or better in all courses. SLCC’s General Education requirements are met (except for American Institutions, which is a requirement mandated by the Utah state legislature) for in-coming students who have earned a Passport elsewhere. For more information about the Passport, visit WICHE.