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Education, Transfer, and Career Pathways

Architecture students enjoy creative problem solving, drawing, digital designs, collaboration, related to the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry) as well as the history and practice of Architecture. Students are willing to take challenging classes, receive critique to expand their vision, be flexible to work outside of their comfort zone, and willing to create meticulously crafted projects. Within our program is a wide range of interests bound together by a common duty to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare within a built environment.

We utilize traditional analog and current and state of the art digital technologies to provide students with the foundational skills necessary to enter the workforce or successfully transfer to a 4-year college or university.

The Architecture program assists students in preparation for a transfer to a 4-year university or career in the broad field of AEC with our AS and AAS degrees. The AS in Architectural Technology is a program that has been specifically designed to be an integral part of the Bachelor's Degree in Architecture and is transferable to the University of Utah through an articulation agreement with the School of Architecture. Students who plan to transfer to the University of Utah should make contact with the School of Architecture Department early in their program.

Students entering SLCC or the U of U have the opportunity to complete the same program in the same number of years. Students begin with Design Foundations, three courses combining thinking and doing with seeing and representing. Simultaneously, students take a broad range of courses including learning about the history and practice of design, the social and ecological impact of the built environment, and getting first-hand experience with industry design tools creating opportunities for students to be hired within the field during school.

The Architecture Department offers a complete range of classes from hand sketching to the latest in 3D Architecture software, as well as Architectural History, Design and Ecologies. These classes allow students to apply for transfer to the University of Utah’s Architecture Department or to be hired in entry level drafting / BIM modeler positions in architecture and related professions.

Some classes offered in the Architecture Department include, but are not limited to:

  • ARCH 1010 - Intro To Design Professions
  • ARCH 1130 - Basic Drawing (Hand Sketching)
  • ARCH 1350 - Digital Graphics (Photoshop / InDesign)
  • ARCH 1510 - Design Workshop
  • ARCH 2610 - Design Workshop II
  • ARCH 2620 - Design Workshop III
  • ARCH 2310 - Digital Modeling / Rendering / Animation
  • ARCH 2350 - Advanced Architectural CAD (Intro to REVIT)

Work with SLCC academic advising and the receiving institution to establish a game plan for transfer now, as you are starting your program of choice. Find out what transfer articulations exist, what classes must be taken at SLCC so that you can enter your program of choice, and what the admission requirements are. Work backwards. Decide where you want to end up and then figure out which degree will get you to where you need to go.

Degree Transfer Options - Architecture AS

Currently, we offer only an AS degree which transfers to the Architecture Program at the University of Utah. Students are also able to transfer to Utah Valley University’s B-Arch Program after taking some required additional classes – consult with UVU’s Program.

The Architecture & Interior Design departments participates in several inspiring and informative events throughout the year, including service projects. Once you enroll as a student, you become part of the community and are encouraged to participate in these events, clubs and organizations. Some examples include:

Depending on what your question is about, there are several resources available to you for more information on the courses and programs offered within the Architecture Departments at SLCC.

Questions about a specific program

Contact a full-time faculty member or program manager.

Questions about anything that does not fall into one of the categories above and General Education

Contact your program advisor. If you have not yet chosen a program advisor, you can contact any of the advisors listed.

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