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Statement of Purpose 

The Salt Lake Community College Archival Program identifies and acquires materials of long-term historical, evidential, and administrative value to the College and preserves and provides access to these materials so that the Archives and Institutional Repository are visible resources that: 1) promote knowledge of Salt Lake Community College and 2) support and nourish teaching and learning at Salt Lake Community College and in the wider intellectual community.  

To learn more about the SLCC Archival Program, check out our Program Policy

Physical Archives  

The Physical Archives is responsible for the appraisal, acquisition, preservation, and use of physical records created by the College, as well as records created by individuals or groups associated with the College. The Physical Archives also assists with research initiatives and queries regarding the College and its history. 

Institutional Repository (IR)  

The Institutional Repository is responsible for digital and digitized records pertaining to the College, its students, its faculty, or its engagement with the Community. The Institutional Repository also supports collections which may not be directly related to the College but are relevant to the College’s mission of community engagement and support. The IR is online, open to the public, and can be accessed from anywhere.