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The word archives can refer to two different things:  

  • Records that are kept by an individual, organization, business, etc. because they are valuable documentary evidence of past events - these can be in physical or digital formats 
  • The organization or department responsible for maintaining historically valuable records 
In a general sense, an "institutional repository" can mean many things: a library, an archive, a museum, or even a warehouse that stores for use and safekeeping an organization's records or artifacts. The term "institutional repository" also has a more specific meaning which is used by SLCC's Archival Program. It refers to the storage and preservation of an organization's digital information or knowledge assets.

We collect all kinds of records. Here is a list of some of the types of records we collect: administrative records, photographs, posters from campus events, interviews, press clippings, student publications, and swag.  

In general, what we collect can be grouped into the following subject areas: student life and campus events; campus development and facilities projects; administrative papers; students and alumni and their impact on the community; and faculty and staff and their professional work. 

Yes. To consult any of the items in the Physical Archives, please contact the Archivist to make an appointment. To consult digital archival resources, please visit the Institutional Repository (IR)
Not everything in the archives is in the online IR. Similarly, not everything in the IR is in the archives. When digitizing records, there are many things that need to be considered, including but not limited to the time and cost involved with the process, copyright status and permissions of the record, and the overall value for IR users. Often, a sampling of the physical archival records, e.g., photographs, are digitized and uploaded to the IR to provide some access to offsite patrons.  

We're always looking for more ways to document the SLCC experience. If you have documents or items that help to tell the story of your time at SLCC, and would like to share that experience with the Bruin community, please contact for physical donations or for digital donations. See documents below for our collection and donation guidelines.