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Student Inquiry Forms

Please scroll down to read the instructions and find the submissions links for both the Biology Pre-requisite Override Request form and the Biology Student Comments and Inquiries form.

Biology Student Pre-requisite Override Request

The form below is meant for prospective biology students who are attempting to register for classes but are encountering the ‘pre-requisite and/or test score error’ message.

Before you submit this form please check that you are adding both the lecture and lab class in your registration cart before clicking ‘submit’ and that are not trying to add a closed (full) section and thus are unable to add the lecture and lab together. Most of our lectures and labs are each others’ pre-requisites so failure to add them together results in a pre-requisite error in the registration system.

Please note that this form is not meant to waive pre-requisites in their entirety, but applies in the following three situations:

  • Pre-requisites were completed (at SLCC or elsewhere) but are not coded in the system correctly, preventing the student from registering.
  • Transfer credits are still being evaluated at the transcript office and it is getting close to the start of the semester. Our associate dean will only override the transcript office evaluation timeline if it is the week prior to start of semester.
  • Student has gained permission from a professor to attend their class with partial pre-requisites.

If one of these three situations applies please submit the below form to the department. When you click on the form link you will have to sign in with your SLCC credentials.

Biology Student Comments and Inquiries

Biology students can use the form below to leave general comments and feedback, report any ongoing issues, file grade appeals, request add exceptions (after add period is over) and transfers from one course section to another.

This form can also be used for any other inquiries outside of these topics but is meant for current or past biology students and will require students to log in with SLCC credentials. If you are not a current student at SLCC but have general  questions about biology please email or call 801-957-4922.