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Career Services uses the following guidelines to distinguish internships from jobs.

An internship must include –

  • Clearly defined learning objectives/goals: Internships are an extension of the classroom and students should be developing skills which are transferable to other employment settings.  
  • A designated supervisor: Interns need someone who will support their development, ensure their learning objectives are being met, and provide ongoing feedback
  • Start and end date or general timeframe of employment

We welcome recruiters to post a wide range of internship opportunities on Handshake. However, the following types of internships will not be approved by Career Services or promoted through our programming and events:

  • It has a religious requirement or otherwise violates our non-discrimination policy
  • It is an event or experiential learning opportunity, not a job or internship posting
  • It requires students to solicit, recruit, and/or advertise to other students on campus
  • It would employ students for a private individual or work-for-hire contract
  • It requires students to pay a fee or make an investment as part of the employment
  • It is a commission-only or multi-level marketing position
  • International positions
  • It is an unpaid internship; Salt Lake Community College supports paying students equitably for internships.Learn more about the benefits of paying your interns.

Learn more about internships from the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE).