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Jobs posted in Handshake and promoted at Salt Lake Community College must include the following information:

  • Summary Information: Description of the general responsibilities and mention of the title, pay rate, hours, benefits, and reporting relationships involved
  • Desired Qualifications: Description of the education, training, and skills you’re looking for
  • Job Duties & Responsibilities: Description of the work for which the new hire will be responsible
  • Special Demands: Description of the job’s extraordinary physical or emotional demands, if any

We welcome recruiters to post a wide range of employment opportunities on Handshake. However, the following types of jobs will not be approved by Career Services or promoted through our programming and events:

  • Campus or brand ambassador positions which require students to advertise to, solicit, and/or recruit other students on campus
  • It has a religious requirement or otherwise violates our non-discrimination policy
  • Positions that employ students for a private individual or work-for-hire contract (e.g. babysitter, private tutor, caretaker, laborer)
  • Positions that require applicants to pay a fee or take on financial liability
  • Positions associated with the marijuana industry or other fields that may put students in legal jeopardy
  • Sales or customer/distributor service roles for multi-level marketing (MLM), direct-selling, and/or door-to-door companies
  • Staffing agency postings that do not disclose the organization for which they are hiring
  • International positions
  • Commission-only positions