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Concurrent Enrollment

Student Admission & Registration

Admission to SLCC and class registration are two separate processes. Admissions is a one-time process of becoming a SLCC Student. Registration is the process of signing up college classes each semester. In order to receive college credit for a course a student must have been properly admitted to SLCC and officially registered by the registration deadlines. High school CE coordinators, teachers, and students are responsible to assure that this has happened. 


To be admitted to the college, students complete an online admission application and pay the admission fee. Students must provide their state student ID number (SSID), which they can obtain through the high school. The admission application will also ask students for their social security number (SSN); this is optional, however students who provide their SSN will have a much easier time recovering their student number and login information if they forget it. Students who do not have access to a credit card may complete the online application and then pay by cash or check at one of the SLCC cashiers offices within 3 business days.

After completing the admissions application students will receive a letter in the mail approximately 10 business days after submitting the application, which will include the SLCC ID number (S Number). If they included their SSN when they filled out the admission app they can recover their S Number online within 24 hours of applying for admission. Students may also work with their CE coordinator at their high school to recover their S Number within about 3 days of completing the admission application. After 24-48 hours of completing the admissions application students should be able to take the Accuplacer, set up their college MySLCC account, register for classes, and obtain a SLCC OneCard.


Once a student has been admitted to the college and paid the admission fee, it is the responsibility of the student to register him or herself by the registration deadline. Failure to register by the deadline will result in the student not receiving college credit. In order to register the student will need to obtain the CRN (Course Reference Number) from the teacher or coordinator, which either of them can obtain through their concurrent enrollment MyCE account.

There is a $5 per credit hour tuition associated with registration. Students and/or their parents will be responsible for paying the $5 per credit hour tuition. Failure to do so will result in several demand letters being sent to the student’s home, a registration block being placed on their account, and a block on the student's access to their grades and college transcript. 

High school teachers and high school CE coordinators are responsible to screen students for registration eligibility. Many classes have restrictions such class status, enrollment caps, and pre-requisite requirements. All of these restrictions are listed on the Course Offerings/Teacher Requirements page. While the Board of Regents additionally recommends a 3.0 GPA for student participating in concurrent enrollment, SLCC invites high schools to consider other success criteria besides just GPA when deciding if a student is motivated and academically prepared to participate in concurrent enrollment, such as; maturity, teacher recommendation, aptitude for certain subjects, etc.

Students who have graduated from high school are not eligible for concurrent enrollment. Additionally, students are not allowed to repeat a concurrent enrollment class. If they perform poorly and wish to re-take a course they will need to do that through Early Enrollment or after high school graduation.

Registration Problems

If a student is having troubles registering for a class it could be for one of the following reasons:

  • Student has not submitted their application for admission to SLCC or it has been less than 48 hours since the student submitted their application.
  • Student is admitted but does not have qualifying Accuplacer, SAT or ACT test scores recorded in the College system.
  • Student has a hold on their account as a result of unpaid tuition or other unpaid fees at SLCC.
  • The student selected the wrong start semester when completing the admission application or was admitted in a previous semester but never took a class.
  • Student has over 18 credits hours for the current semester.

CE coordinators have access to several resources to help them troubleshoot these and other registration problems. To schedule an individual training session on how to use these resources contact the Concurrent Enrollment Office.

Registration Deadline Exceptions

Once the registration period has ended, the SLCC CE Office will allow CE coordinators one week to compare class lists and submit late registration forms, late drop forms, and CRN corrections. All fields must be completed on the form including the student signature or the form will not be processed. After the one-week window, the Concurrent Enrollment Office will not accept additional late registrations and registration will be closed.

In order for a student to be eligible to be registered or dropped from a class during this time period the following criteria must be met:

Eligible to use late-registration form during the one-week period:

  1. The student submitted their test scores on or before the benchmark date but the scores have not been recorded in SLCC’s system.
  2. The student has registration issues that could not have been resolved by the student alone such as:
    1. MySLCC login issues that cannot be resolved by the Concurrent Enrollment Office or the Help Desk.
    2. Unresolved holds (including term change, wrong application, campus restriction, closed section, time ticket, registration status, and pre-requisite or co-requisite) that are not tied to test score submission. Small balance also holds do not qualify.

Not eligible to use late-registration form during the one-week period (late registration will be denied):

  1. The student had not been admitted by the registration deadline.
  2. The student had not cleared their small balance hold and could not register by the deadline.
  3. The student “forgot or didn’t get around to registering” before the deadline.
  4. The student did not submit their test scores by the benchmark date.

As always, we understand that there are circumstances outside of the student’s control that may keep them from meeting the deadlines such as medical emergencies, domestic conflict, etc. Such circumstances will be reviewed on a case by case basis. In such instances, please call the CE Specialist for guidance.

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