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It’s a Reflection of You!

Your General Education ePortfolio tells your SLCC learning story. Your ePortfolio enables you to introduce yourself to your professors and classmates, showcase your best work, and reflect on how the courses connect to your life, goals, community, and learning outside of the classroom. 

Every general education course you take at the college includes an opportunity to share a Signature Assignment that demonstrates an important aspect of your learning for the term. You will also pause and reflect on what you learned by considering questions like: 

  • How do the ideas in your different courses connect in interesting ways? What can we learn from examining the intersections of different general education lenses?
  • How do the skills and ideas that you worked on relate to everyday experiences and the communities you belong to?
  • How do the course concepts relate to you personally and your goals, hobbies, and passions? Did they help deepen your connection and understanding of yourself, your loved ones, your culture, and other aspects of your identity that play a big role in your life?
  • What learning processes were especially valuable to you and how did they impact your learning? How did you change as a result of engaging in that exercise or process?
  • As you look at who you were when you started at SLCC and who you are today, what has changed? What are you especially proud of? What new insights have had a big influence on you and shaped how you approach life? What are the moments that mattered most?

One of the most important benefits of the ePortfolio is that it helps you show your unique lens on the world and the treasure trove of experience that you came here with. Your ePortfolio can help your professors understand who you are, what you value, what you are trying to accomplish, and your unique cultural experience. Knowing these things helps professors make course content more relevant to you and your classmates.  

Other Benefits of ePortfolio

  • Critical Thinking
  • Cross-Disciplinary Connections
  • Prep for Professional Portfolios
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Scholarship Applications
  • Tracking Learning Progress

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