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Concurrent Enrollment

Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities

You are first and foremost a high school student.  High school guidelines and rules will almost always apply in concurrent enrollment matters.  One exception is with respect to academic dishonesty. Concurrent enrollment program partnerships between Salt Lake Community College and K-12 schools provide high school students the opportunity to prepare for the academic challenges of college.  Personal responsibility is one of the key attributes of a successful college student. Concurrent enrollment students assume the responsibility to fulfill their academic obligations in a responsible and honest manner. This responsibility includes avoiding the inappropriate activity of academic dishonesty, which consists of—but is not limited to—acts of plagiarism, cheating, or falsifying information. Academic dishonesty is one of the most serious mistakes a student can make in college courses; and, as such, Salt Lake Community College’s Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities will supersede all allegations of and investigations into academic dishonesty. Public education partners will be consulted about the alleged infraction; but the college will make a final determination as to the conduct and sanction impositions, if any. Please review the SLCC Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities for specific policies and expectations.

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From May 17 to July 26, 2024, the college will follow a summer schedule and close all physical locations on Fridays.

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