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Concurrent Enrollment

The College Syllabus

High school adjunct teachers are required to hand out a college-approved course syllabus at the beginning of each semester that is in alignment with the equivalent college course syllabus.

Before the first day of school, CE high school adjunct teachers should submit the course syllabus to the SLCC faculty liaison assigned to them, through MyCE, for their review and approval. A syllabus is submitted for each course, each year. The liaison, in turn, reviews the syllabus in MyCE and, if approved, marks it as reviewed. If the syllabus is not approved, the liaison will work with the CE high school adjunct teacher to make the necessary changes before re-submitting it through MyCE.

CE adjunct teachers are required to list the following information on their syllabus:

  • Title should include “Salt Lake Community College Concurrent Enrollment” along with the SLCC course title and number (i.e. that matches the college course. Including the SLCC Logo is optional but adds a nice touch.)
  • Name of high school and teacher
  • A course description that exactly matches that of the college
  • Course objectives that match those at the college
  • Evidence that students are assessed in the same way as their college counterparts. For example, if students at the college are assessed primarily using exams, the high school syllabus should show that exams count for the majority of the students’ grade in your CE class.
  • A grading scale that is the same as the college grading scale
  • Any other information regarding assignments, and curriculum that is pertinent to the course
  • ePortfolio instructions if your class is a general education course
  • A statement regarding the drop/withdraw policy
  • A statement notifying students that the final grade for the course will be recorded on their permanent college transcript
  • A statement about academic honesty

Updates or Changes to the Syllabus: When changes are made to the curriculum or to the syllabus by the SLCC department, the liaison or Concurrent Enrollment Department will notify the teacher and provide information on how to best integrate those changes.


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