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Concurrent Enrollment

5 Reasons to Participate in Concurrent Enrollment


Increase Your Likelihood of Earning a Degree

Students who participate in concurrent enrollment learn the skills they need to navigate college processes and the challenges of college. As a result they are less likely to drop out, and more likely complete a degree.


Make Low-Cost Mistakes

When concurrent enrollment students, who are only paying $5/credit, make mistakes in their CE classes, and perform poorly, they typically have a robust high school support system to help coach them through how to not make those same mistakes in the future when they are paying full college tuition.


Save Time

Students who consult with an advisor or counselor and use the General Education Certificate of Completion requirements as a guide to selecting classes or who take classes related to their academic and career goals will spend less time in college and more time in their career.


Save Tons of Money

Concurrent enrollment students who work with a counselor or advisor to select classes that align with their academic and career goals end up saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in tuition.


Test the Waters

For students who are unsure of whether or not college is a good fit, concurrent enrollment can be a great chance to try college out, without the risk of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars.

“The concurrent enrollment class has made a big difference in my life because I felt more like an adult and more responsible of taking care of my grade. It is really important because I'm learning about information could benefit my life later.”

– Concurrent Enrollment Student

What We Do & Why We Do It

SLCC Concurrent Enrollment

The SLCC Concurrent Enrollment (CE) Department partners with high schools to deliver a college experience that prepares high school students with the skills and courses they need to navigate the challenges of higher education and complete a meaningful degree or certificate.

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Did you know?

9,000+Total SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Students

Course Enrollment Home

$15 vs $589CE Tuition vs. SLCC Tuition After High School Graduation

93% vs 60%Pass Rate for SLCC Concurrent Enrollment vs AP

100+Classes Available Throughout the Valley

SLCC CE Course Offerings

$15 vs $93Cost of a 3 credit CE class vs. the cost of the AP exam for a similar class

“Concurrent classes have enriched my learning experience a lot. My family and friends are proud of me for challenging myself to take higher level things.”

– Concurrent Enrollment Student

Quotes From CE Students

“It has completely changed my life. This course was not only a business class that I took for college credit, it turned out to be an eye-opening and life-changing opportunity I was able to achieve. I made the best of my opportunity and have been put years ahead of my peers. I would not take back this experience for a million dollars.”

“This class has changed my life as a whole. It brought me out of my comfort zone, and we learned in this specific class that life begins outside of your comfort zone. So, initially I began my life in this course. It taught me how to manage time and to not procrastinate.”

“This class has changed my life. Prior to this class I was very unorganized and unmotivated in school. I was an average student who always did the minimum. This class has given me a newfound motivation to do my very best and shown me how to perform at the highest level. This class completely prepared me for college in a way that no other class could have.”

“We got to hold Jelly Babies, like how cool is that dude?”

Meet Our Staff

Brandon Kowallis

Brandon Kowallis

Concurrent Enrollment Director

Oversees the day to day operations and strategic direction of the SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Program.

Amber Ingersoll

Amber Ingersoll

Administrative Assistant

The face of concurrent enrollment, Amber provides phone and email support to students, parents, and our high school and college partners.

Becky Little

Becky Little

SLCC CE Coordinator

Supports high school coordinators with class scheduling, student registration issues, and any other concurrent enrollment needs.

Theresa Christensen

Theresa Christensen

Part-Time Specialist

Supports CE Office staff with day to day operations.

Robert Thorn

Robert Thorn

College Experience Liaison - STEM

Serves as a resource and mentor for concurrent enrollment math teachers, providing training, oversight, materials, and support to help them better deliver a high-quality, college math experience.

Pace Gardner

Pace Gardner

College Experience Liaison - Humanities

Serves as a resource and mentor for concurrent enrollment English teachers, providing training, oversight, materials, and support to help them better deliver a high-quality, college English experience.

Trudy Richardson

Trudy Richardson

College Experience Liaison - Arts

Serves as a resource and mentor for concurrent enrollment visual art teachers, providing training, oversight, materials, and support to help them better deliver a high-quality, college visual art experience.

David Kearl

David Kearl

College Experience Liaison - Business & Social Sciences

Serves as a resource and mentor for concurrent enrollment business and social science teachers, providing training, oversight, materials, and support to help them better deliver a high-quality, college experience.

Salote Brown Halatoa (CE Admissions Partner)

Salote Brown Halatoa (CE Admissions Partner)

Assistant Director of Recruitment & Concurrent Enrollment Advising

Leads the Concurrent Enrollment Advising program through the SLCC Admissions Office, which provides resources and support for high schools and their students to help students select classes that best fit within their college and career goals and transition to college after high school.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Concurrent Enrollment?


Concurrent enrollment (CE) Courses are college classes taught at either a local public high school or on a Salt Lake Community College campus. CE classes at the high school are taught by high school instructors who have the same credentials as SLCC college professors and are experts in the content areas they teach. Concurrent enrollment classes are just as challenging as any college class on a college campus and require a high level of responsibility from the student. Upon successful completion of concurrent enrollment coursework, students earn both high school and college credit.


I've heard AP is a better option than concurrent enrollment. Is this true?


Contrary to popular belief, concurrent enrollment classes are equally as rigorous, transfer just as well as AP to out of state colleges, cost less money than AP in Utah, and provide a more authentic college experience than AP. Concurrent enrollment is quickly becoming the better route to college.


How much does it cost?


Taking college classes through concurrent enrollment is much less expensive than taking those classes at college; traditional students and early enrollment students pay regular college tuition. Students taking concurrent enrollment courses pay $5 per credit hour, and courses are approximately $15-$20. While there is a huge savings associated with concurrent enrollment, don't be tempted to take as many classes as possible just to save money. Without meeting the SLCC CE advisor, taking too many of the wrong classes can end up hurting more than helping future college students.

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