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Concurrent Enrollment

Professional Development

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Salt Lake Community College and National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) standards require concurrent enrollment high school instructors to attend one to four hours of discipline specific professional development training delivered by or approved by their assigned liaison each year.

Providing Professional Development

While the preferred method of professional development training is training that includes both SLCC adjuncts and concurrent enrollment instructors, we understand that circumstances may vary from department to department. Below are some options an academic department may consider to ensure that CE instructors receive the appropriate training ensure curricular integrity and instructor competency.

  • New Teacher Training: When new concurrent enrollment instructors begin teaching for SLCC it is critical that the liaison or academic department train those instructors before the school year begins. New teacher training addresses the curriculum for the courses those instructors are approved to teach and any departmental expectations surrounding that curriculum. This training does not count toward the one hour of required training for that CE instructor, unless the liaison determines that it would be appropriate to do so. 
  • Group Professional Development (PREFERRED METHOD): An academic department may schedule a one to four hour block of time to conduct professional development training for either CE instructors only, or both CE instructors and SLCC adjunct instructors at any one of the SLCC campuses or at another location.
  • One-On-One Professional Development: For liaisons who are assigned to work with only a couple of teachers and where it is impractical to host a group meeting, a liaison may choose to meet one-on-one with the CE instructors for at least one hour to review curriculum standards, provide training related to the course, etc.
  • Other Professional Development: A liaison may approve or invite a CE instructor to attend a discipline-related conference or workshop conducted by a professional organization or an academic department sponsored professional development training to count as that adjunct teacher’s one hour of professional development.

Tracking Professional Development

The liaison is responsible for tracking CE high school instructor participation in the required one hour of professional development training. This is done through the liaison's MyCE account using the Work Request form. With each professional development training the liaison should include:

  1. A discription of what occurred. If you have one, upload a copy of the agenda, training outline, or any materials you reviewed during the professional development activity. 
  2. A list of who attended
  3. All other information listed on the form.

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