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Concurrent Enrollment

Syllabus Review

Download The Annual Liaison Requirements Checklist

Salt Lake Community College Concurrent Enrollment and the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) require that the concurrent enrollment syllabus match the college syllabus in the following ways:

  • The course title and number must matches the college course;
  • The course description must match that of the college;
  • The course objectives/learning outcomes must match those of the college;
  • The syllabus must show that students are assessed in the same way as their college counterparts. For example, if students at the college are assessed primarily using exams, the high school syllabus should show that exams count for the majority of their grade;
  • The grading scale must match the college grading scale;
  • Any other information regarding assignments, and curriculum that is pertinent to the course must match.

At the beginning of each semester or academic year, CE instructors are required to submit their course syllabus for each course through MyCE for the liaison to review. The liaison then reviews the syllabus and marks it as reviewed if it is acceptable. If the syllabus is not approved, the liaison works with the CE high school adjunct teacher to make the necessary changes before having the CE instructor re-submit it through MyCE. Once the updated version has been submitted the syllabus is then marked as reviewed. 

SLCC academic departments are responsible for providing an up-to-date college syllabus and curriculum information to the CE high school adjunct teacher. This typically occurs during new teacher training sessions. A syllabus template is also available to assist the adjunct teacher in building their college syllabus. 

Updates or Changes to the college Syllabus: When changes are made to the curriculum or to the syllabus by the SLCC department, the liaison should forward these changes to the CE instructors and upload an updated syllabus to MyCE.

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