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Concurrent Enrollment

How SLCC CE Advising Works

There are three phases to a student's advising journey and high school counselors in collaboration with high school CE coordinators and SLCC CE Advisors are pivotal in all three phases. Below you will find a description of each phase and what role the high school counselor plays in each phase.

Phase 1

During phase 1 students who are new to concurrent enrollment (CE) are introduced to key concepts on how to be successful in their first concurrent enrollment class and the importance of academic planning or taking classes with a goal in mind. 

Counselor's Role in Phase 1

  • Deliver, or partner with CE coordinator to deliver, information provided in the the CE Orientation PowerPoint Template (on the advising resources page) to all new students (and their parents). This can be done in large groups, small groups, or individually.

Phase 2

During phase 2 students who have completed their first semester of CE classes or have completed 12 or more CE credits, sit down with a counselor, either individually or in a group setting, to learn about how to build an academic plan in MyCE. Once the student has built their plan, the counselor and SLCC CE advisor receive a notice to check the plan to make sure it doesn't conflict with their high school plans/schedule (counselor) and that they haven't selected classes they don't need (SLCC CE advisor). 

Counselor's Role in Phase 2

  • Determine when a student is ready for a phase 2 meeting. SLCC will send the counselor a list of students who have accumulated 12+ credits to use as a guide, or the counselor can run that data his or herself through their MyCE account. 
  • Review the student advising checklist, on the advising resources page, with the student, and ensure the student has all the resources they need to build their plan (also on the advising resources page). 
  • Follow-up with the student on building their plan.
  • Review the plan created by the student and answer any questions the student may have.
  • Use the parent template (on the advising resources page) to inform the parent or guardian how they can help support their student in achieving their goals. 

Phase 3

During phase 3 students who have (1) completed their first semester of CE classes or have completed 12 or more CE credits AND (2) are in the Spring semester of their Junior year of high school AND (3) intend to complete their General Education Certificate of Completion or an associates degree at the time of high school graduation or shortly thereafter; will be provided information by the high school counselor about how to transition from using MyCE to using SLCC DegreeWorks to track their progress toward the completion of their degree. They will also be provided information about financial aid opportunities at SLCC. 

Counselor's Role in Phase 3

  • After receiving a prompt from SLCC determine which students fall into the phase 3 category and deliver the SLCC DegreeWorks, graduation, and financial aid resources to the student. 
  • If the student has questions that the counselor can't answer, direct them to the SLCC advisor assigned to the high school. 

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