Continuing Education

Supporting Health Professionals

CRAHEC supports current health care providers by supporting projects that impact the health of their patients, their practice and their community by:

  • Coordinating continuing education courses.
  • Coordinating community health related events.
  • Facilitating local student training experiences.
  • Initiating training to alleviate health care workforce shortages.

Upcoming Events and Opportunities


Upcoming Training Opportunities


Get the go-to-guide for health care professionals and systems to increase HPV vaccination rates. The experts of the National HPV Vaccination Roundtable have assembled the most effective interventions and promising strategies into short, easy to implement guides. Each guide has tips and strategies that will impact your immunization rates.

Each Clinician and System Action Guide has role-specific actions along with:

  • best practice actions, interventions and promising strategies
  • interactive links including links for Continuing Education
  • rationale for prioritizing HPV vaccination
  • detailed appendix of resources
  • facts about HPV cancers and vaccination

NAO HPV image