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Student Placements

Student Clinical Rotations

CRAHEC trains by introducing health professions students to clinical practice in medically underserved settings by:

  • Coordinating three to six week clinical rotations for third and fourth-year medical students in medically underserved urban and rural areas.
  • Placing allied health professions students into medically underserved rotations sites.
  • Providing clinical training opportunities to post graduate students including physician assistants, pharmacy, nurse practitioners, etc.
  • Placing medical residents with practicing professionals in medically underserved areas.

Utah AHEC supports health professions' students' clinical training in medically underserved areas. This includes most of Utah's rural communities and select urban clinics. This support may include some mileage reimbursement and housing subsidy.

Please complete and submit an online application. Carrie Torgersen will contact you as soon as your application as been received.

Thanks so much! I had a phenomenal rotation…absolutely phenomenal. I grew up in a rural area, my father is a family physician in a rural area, and I have no doubt I will practice in a rural area after residency. I didn't need this rotation to tell me that, but it was so, so refreshing to have continuity and get to know many families in Heber. It's experiences like this that will get me through tough times in residency! Thank you for your support!