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Who are SLCC's Culinary Arts PAC members?

In order to keep the Career and Technical Education programs current with business and industry standards, the College has organized Program Advisory Committees (PACs). PACs consist of a number of Utah's industry leaders who have the responsibility of ensuring the viability of each CTE program by evaluating program equipment, space, curriculum, budget and enrollment needs. Appropriate recommendations are then made to improve each program.

Name Company Title
Andrea Gamble Utah Department of Health Environmental Health Scientist
Alejandro Abad St. Regis Hotel Executive Chef
Atty Miller Salt Lake Community College Culinary Student
Brittani Crane Salt Lake Community College Hospitality Student
David Chen Salt Lake Community College Alumni
David Morris Utah Hospitality Association President
David Polakoff Summit Vista Director of Culinary Operations
Kasey Dubler Southern Wine and Spirits State Manager
Maxine Turner Utah Restaurant Association Representative
Michelle Corigliano Salt Lake Restaurant Association President - PAC CHAIR
Rich Prall Triad Consulting Group Owner
Rich Waters Levy Restaurants Area Vice President
Shauna Young Jordan High School Canyon School District CE and ProStart Teacher
Sheral Schowe Wasatch Academy of Wine Owner