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Jordan Campus

Building Hours

Monday – Friday: 6 AM – 10 PM

* Summer hours may vary.


The Jordan Health Science Auditorium is lecture hall with tiered seating of 500. Also included is a LCD projector, screen, sound system, and white board. Doors accessible in the Health Science Building or form the outside, providing easy access into the auditorium.


Lobby area adjacent to Auditorium with a beautiful view of all the levels of the Jordan Health Sciences Building. Ideal space of receptions before or after an event in the auditorium, or on its own. The Atrium Patio can be included as well.

Atrium Patio

The Atrium Patio can be used as an extension of the Atrium or on its own. It is furnished with outdoor furniture and covered to protect from changes in weather.

Tim and Brenda Huval Student Center

"The Tim and Brenda Huval Student Center has a variety of indoor spaces and outdoor spaces of different sizes to reserve for your event needs. Please click here for more information regarding these spaces.