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In the spring, the Associate Dean of General Education begins planning the assessment of the General Education Learning Outcomes. After deciding on which designation to assess, a sample of ePortfolios are pulled and faculty, staff, and administrators are recruited to review artifacts that demonstrate the general education learning outcomes for the program are being met. There is a brief training on the process and assessment is usually completed by mid-summer. A report on our findings is then written and published on the General Education website and presented to SLCC curriculum committees.

Full-time and adjunct faculty across the college are also encouraged to participate in the assessment process. Chairs and Associate Deans may also reach out to faculty for their participation. Participants are paid at, or above current rate set by the college, so it is important to communicate your participation with your supervisor or the Associate Dean of your department. Those faculty looking to use their time in the assessment as service to the college or for professional development should inquire with their department Chair or Associate Dean. For those interested please contact the Associate Dean of General Education or the Associate Provost in the Office of Learning Advancement.