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The History Program at SLCC will provide you with an exceptional educational experience. Our expertise spans many continents and many centuries: from Asia to the Americas and ancient times to the 21st century. We also offer thematic courses that range from the narrow to the global and transnational. In addition to introducing you to the study of history as a discipline, we hope this program will prompt habits of lifelong learning that will serve you well beyond the study of history. Our faculty are dedicated to teaching you how to do research, communicate effectively, think contextually and analytically, and how to be civically engaged. After completing this program, you will be prepared to transfer to a four-year institution and succeed in upper division courses.

Program Contacts

Administrative Assistant

Laura Rice
Taylorsville Redwood
Academic and Administrative Building
Phone: 801-957-4307

Academic Advisor for History: AA

Alex Coulombe

For instruction on how to make an online appointment, please visit Academic Advising.

  • HIST 1100 Western Civ to 1300(SS)
  • HIST 1110 Western Civ since 1300(SS)
  • HIST 1210 Asian Civilizations: Traditions(SS)
  • HIST 1220 Asian Civ: Modern Hist/Societies(SS)
  • HIST 1300 Colonial Latin America(SS)
  • HIST 1310 Modern Latin America(SS)
  • HIST 1450 Middle Eastern Civ(SS)
  • HIST 1460 Modern Middle Eastern Civ(SS)
  • HIST 1500 World History to 1500(SS)
  • HIST 1510 World History since 1500(SS)
  • HIST 1700 American Civilization(AI)
  • HIST 1900 Special Studies
  • HIST 2200 Americanization (SS, DV)
  • HIST 2600 Native American Voices(SS, DV)
  • HIST 2700 US History to 1877(SS)
  • HIST 2710 US History since 1877(SS)
  • HIST 2800 Utah’s Diverse Heritage(SS, DV)
  • HIST 2900 Special Topics
  • HIST 2950 Archival Internship