Learning Outcomes

Program Student Learning Outcomes

Related College-Wide Student Learning Outcomes

1 - Acquire substantive knowledge

2 - Communicate effectively

3 - Develop quantitative literacies

4 - Think critically & creatively

5 - Become a community engaged learner

6 - Work in professional & constructive manner

7 - Develop computer & information literacy

8 - Develop lifelong wellness

Acquire and correctly use general industry information, technical skills, and certifications for employment in the hospitality industry.


Demonstrate effective oral, written and numerical communication skills in a positive, professional, and ethical manner with customers and colleagues of diverse backgrounds.

2, 3

Demonstrate and accurately interpret standard performance indicators of the organization's financial health.

1, 3

Utilize research and problem-solving techniques to employ "out of the box" critical thinking skills in a variety of hospitality situations.

1, 3, 4

Display a professional image, positive attitude, strong work ethic, and recognize your role in the success of the organization and community where you are employed.

1, 5, 6, 8

Develop leadership and supervisory skills, and an appreciation of diversity to support the organization and its goals.

1, 6

Use appropriate technology for written communication, information gathering, and data analysis to facilitate smooth operation of a hospitality organization.

1, 2, 3, 7