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On the path to becoming an Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI)

Hispanics, Latinxs, Latinas, and Latinos (hereinafter Latinx/a/o) are the fastest-growing student demographic at SLCC. Since 2005, Latinx/a/o enrollment has increased by over 126%, and as of Fall 2021, more than 25% of all new students identify a Latinx/a/o. However, Latinx/a/o students also face challenges that significantly impact their graduation rates, are disproportionately represented in certain majors or programs, and come with varied backgrounds and life experiences. Last year SLCC launched a college-wide taskforce to organize our efforts and assist SLCC in becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI).

As an emerging HSI, SLCC leads the state with the highest enrollment of students from the Latinx/a/o community. However, an HSI identity is far more complex than simply enrolling students. For SLCC, serving the Latinx/a/o community is aligned with our mission, vision, and values. The federal designation of HSI is not an end goal but a commitment and affirmation of our dedication to becoming a model for inclusive and transformative education, strengthening the communities we serve through the success of our students.