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International Studies paves a unique pathway toward growing as active citizens of the world. Through interdisciplinary analysis of the increasingly global contexts within which we live and work, you will have the opportunity to better understand, and participate in, the complex systems and networks that unite people across the globe.

Courses in this program will provide you with the content knowledge, analytical skills, and diverse methodologies necessary to understand international and global issues. You will get to know societies in their historical and cultural contexts, and gain the tools necessary to live effectively in a world characterized by ethnic diversity, cultural pluralism, and increasing interdependence.

SLCC’s International Studies program can lead to opportunities in international businesses and organizations, non-profit organizations with a global focus or reach, humanitarian agencies, policy and research think tanks, civil service, the tourism industry, media, and public relations.

This program consists of one general International Studies track, and three area studies tracks: Latin American Studies, Asian Studies, and Middle East Studies. Students who complete the International Studies A.A. at SLCC will enjoy smooth transfer to the U. of Utah and other four-year institutions.

Like all AA degrees, the International Studies A.A. has a language requirement. You may be able to meet it through proficiency testing, or you may be able to use a placement test to meet the requirement more quickly. Please contact the head of the Language Program for more information.

Note: Students transferring to the University of Utah with two semesters of Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Nahuatl are eligible to apply for a U.S. Dept. of Education FLAS (Foreign Language and Area Studies) fellowship. These fellowships are also available to students in a program that combines any modern foreign language training with area or international studies.