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Faculty Resources

Why is MySuccess an important tool for student success?

Students need to receive timely feedback that helps them develop beliefs and behaviors that lead to student success. MySuccess provides a way for faculty to provide feedback to students on their good work and on areas in which they may need additional support.

Flags and referrals in MySuccess will also go to the student’s Academic Advisor, who can then reach out to provide additional support and connect them to resources across campus. MySuccess helps us put a team effort into supporting students holistically.

Please set up your profile to get started using MySuccess

To Login to MySuccess, go to your MySLCC portal, click the “Advising” tab, then click “Login to MySuccess”.

Creating MySuccess Profile (Faculty Without MySuccess Office Hours*)

*If you plan to use the office hours feature in MySuccess so that students can make appointments with you online, you will want to set up your profile using the video instructions in the Office Hours section below.

Key Faculty Tools

Completing Progress Surveys

Progress Surveys are automatically sent to faculty twice a semester so they request additional support for their students at key points in the semester. Progress Surveys are the most important involvement faculty have in MySuccess.


Viewing Student File in MySuccess

You can search for your students in MySuccess to learn more about them and the resources that are available to them on campus (eg. you can figure out who their Primary Academic Advisor is so that you can more easily refer your student to that office).


Adding a Flag Outside of Progress Surveys

If you forget to raise a concern about a student during the progress survey, or if you want to raise a concern before the progress survey opens, you can always add an individual flag to a student to let their advisor know to reach out to them.


Resources Website

If you are working with students who have questions about MySuccess, you can direct them to our MySuccess student resources website.

Office Hours in MySuccess (Optional for SLCC Faculty)

You can use this link to share this video with students: 

If you would like to include a statement in your syllabus about scheduling an appointment in MySuccess with you, here is a template: 

To schedule an appointment with me, you will use MySuccess, the same platform used by Academic Advising. You will log in to MySuccess through you MySLCC Portal. In MySLCC, click on the Advising Tab, and then click on the Log In To MySuccess Link towards the middle, right side of the page. When you log in, you will see my name listed in your MySuccess Network on your homepage. Click on my name and then click on the Schedule Appointment Button. Fill out the appointment request form. You will receive an email confirmation to your bruinmail with instructions on how to join the meeting if it is virtual or via phone. You can also use this video to help you walk through the scheduling process: