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Staff Resources

Welcome to MySuccess! This tool will help you schedule appointments with students and keep track of student progress, allowing you to provide students with more targeted support.

Throughout this process, the MySuccess team is here to support you. Email for any questions about how to use this tool.

To get started, you will want to set up your profile. 

Here is our guide on syncing your Outlook Calendar to MySuccess 

If you are taking appointments via MySuccess, you will want to use our Email Signature Template to tell students how to schedule with you or any other staff that use MySuccess.

After your profile is set up, you can start to hone your MySuccess craft! The tutorial in this section will help you maintain your MySuccess Account and will help you track student progress and outreach, using MySuccess to its fullest potential.

Scheduling Feature:

If you want to be able to walk students through the appointment making process, check out our student resources page for the appointment student view. Feel free to forward these resources to students too!

Student Tracking Features

Ask the MySuccess Administration Team about how your student tracking features are set up in your office.