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For Faculty

Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

There are many existing OER that you adopt for your course. If this is not the case for your course, you can adapt/remix existing OER to meet your needs or explore authoring an OER. Feel free to look at some of the resources we recommend for locating existing OER or contact the Open SLCC team for assistance with finding, adapting, or creating OER for your course! 
Great! With Creative Commons licenses, you can have the freedom to adapt resources to your needs! Reach out to the Open SLCC team for support and advice. 
Some OER include ancillaries such as activities, labs, slide decks, etc. If you have questions about potential teaching resources, reach out to the Open SLCC team and we can assist you! If we cannot locate existing ancillary resources, the Open SLCC team can support you with possible options including potential funding opportunities for faculty to create such resources. 
OER production at SLCC can occur in many ways depending on the scope of the project. The OER Production Workflow shows one possible workflow for adapting/remixing/authoring an OER at SLCC. However, to determine what is needed for your project, please reach out to the Open SLCC team for support and advice. 
Some OER creators regularly update their content to reflect revisions and corrections. If you adapt/remix/author an OER, with Creative Commons licensing you have the option to update your content at any time! If you have questions about this process, contact the Andrea Scott, 

Faculty OER Support

The following links and documents are curated by the Open SLCC team to assist faculty with OER adoption, adaptation, and authoring. 

For Pressbooks Support, please contact or 

To help facilitate Open Pedagogy at SLCC, the Open SLCC team worked with the college’s legal department to create the following form: Student Release of Course Materials for Public Availability 

SLCC Faculty Development Courses can be located by going to your employee tab on

  1. Under Employee Training – click on Register for Training
  2. Under Training Registration – click on Register for Training
  3. In the Training/Department drop down menu – click on Faculty Development
  4. In the Course drop down menu – select the course you want to take.

Current Faculty Development offerings related to OER include: 

  • Introduction to OER Online (asynchronous self-paced Canvas Course) 
  • Copyright Made Simple Online (asynchronous self-paced Canvas Course) - currently under revision, available soon

There are OER-related conferences, such as the Open Education Conference, and other professional development opportunities throughout the year. If you are interested in additional professional development opportunities, please contact the Open SLCC team