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For Students

Finding Open Courses at SLCC


Log into your mySLCC and click on the Registration Tab in the header.

Once in the Registration Tab click on Add/Drop Classes under Register for Classes.


The page may then prompt you to sign the Financial Responsibility Agreement. Do this by entering your student number at the bottom of the page and clicking I Agree.


On the new page, select a term from the drop-down menu. Then select Add/Drop Classes.

You'll be prompted to reselect a term in the following drop-down menu.


The next page will ask you to enter your search criteria. Click on the Attribute box and scroll down to No Cost/Low Cost Textbook. Then click on the Search button.

Use the table tools to sort and find the course that you need.

Student Release of Course Materials for Public Availability

No-cost/Low-cost Textbooks Student FAQ

OER are no-cost or low-cost textbook alternatives that faculty can sometimes use in their courses to help students save money.
OER courses can be found by searching for No-Cost/Low-Cost Textbook in the attribute field of the registration menu. See the video and "Finding Open Courses at SLCC" section above for instructions!
OERs are not appropriate for every subject. It can be difficult to find an openly licensed resource for a specific course; the content may be limited or poor quality. Faculty authored projects can be time consuming and costly to create.

The standard fee is $5 per course for all courses except for Math. The fee for Math is $10 and pays for access to My Open Math Courseware.

The fees are necessary to maintain the growth and sustainability of the OER initiative. All the fee money collected is invested back into the OER initiative. The process involved in creating, adapting or piloting OERs is labor intensive and can be costly. There are several steps to the process including: training, research, design, development, editing, quality review, peer review, publishing and ongoing revisions. Some current projects have taken up to two years or longer to complete.
SLCC runs one of the largest OER initiatives in the U.S., and in terms of size we are considered a leader within the broader OER community. Since 2014, Open SLCC has saved an estimated $21 million in student savings. The growth of our initiative is credited to our dedicated faculty and to support from the SLCC administration and cabinet.
Your instructor will give you instructions on how to access the course materials. One of the benefits of OER is that the materials are accessible the first day of class! Most materials are still accessible after the course is completed.