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Record of Student Complaints


    Salt Lake Community College is committed to addressing student concerns in a timely and appropriate manner. The College has developed a series of policies and procedures that provide students the opportunity to file complaints within the College. These include policies and procedures related to harassment, discrimination, student misconduct, grade, and other academic appeals. If students determine that these policies cannot address their specific concerns, students may follow the steps outlined in this policy to resolve their grievances.

    1. Accreditation and Preaccreditation Standards, 34 C.F.R. § 602.16.
    2. Record of Student Complaints Policy, The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.
    3. Utah Division of Consumer Protection
    4. Utah State Archives


    1. Students may make a complaint about violations of either the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities or the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy online.
    2. A student may file a complaint at the following internal links:
      1. Discrimination or harassment: Equal Employment Opportunity Office (EEO).
      2. Sex or gender-based harassment or discrimination: EEO Office and Title IX Coordinator.
      3. Complaints about a faculty member: The appropriate dean or associate dean.
      4. Academic grievances: Follow the procedure outlined in section V. B. of the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.
      5. Fraud, corruption, conflict of interest, or other improper or unethical activities: Ethics and Compliance Hotline.
      6. A college policy that directly affects a student’s civil liberty: Follow the procedure outlined in Complaint Process–Reporting Utah Code Ann. § 53B-27-303.
    3. A student may file a complaint at the following external (non-college) links:
      1. Complaints relating to fraud, false advertising, or other deceptive practices by the college:
      2. The college’s application of Title IX, VAWA, and the Clery Act, any of the following:;, or
      3. Students with distance and correspondence education complaints can file a complaint with their state’s enforcement authority, Department of Commerce, Division of Consumer Protection or the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.
      4. Complaints regarding the college’s quality of education or accreditation issues: the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
    4. A student with a complaint not covered under another SLCC policy and procedure may submit a complaint through the dean of students office. The dean of students office will transfer a complaint to the appropriate college department if another college policy governs the complaint.
      1. Students should discuss the matter in question with the appropriate SLCC department or employee most directly involved as a first step.
      2. A student with a complaint against an SLCC department, employee, contractual employee, or a third party must complete the Student Complaint Form within 10 business days of the action or inaction.
        1. A student may request assistance in preparing the student complaint form by contacting the dean of students office.
        2. The time frame for filing a complaint may be extended for a good cause, to be determined by the dean of students.
      3. The dean of students shall meet with the student within 10 business days following receipt of the student complaint form to attempt to achieve resolution of the complaint and to obtain any additional information necessary to achieve such resolution.
      4. A student may have an advisor attend any meeting with the dean of students if the meeting relates to a complaint addressed under this policy and procedure.
      5. The dean of students shall investigate the issues raised by the student. The process may include gathering evidence from SLCC employees and other students, including statements of any witnesses.
      6. The dean of students shall complete this process within 30 business days of meeting with the student.
        1. The dean of students will provide notice regarding the determination within 10 business days of the conclusion of the investigation.
        2. If the investigation alleges misconduct on the part of any SLCC employee, the dean of students shall provide a copy of the complaint record to the appropriate supervisor for additional investigation in consultation with Human Resources.
    5. Record Keeping
      1. The dean of students office will maintain a record of all complaints and outcomes and complaints shall be maintained according to the Utah State Archives record retention guidelines.
      2. At the end of each academic year, the dean of students will submit an electronic copy of a log of student complaints made under this policy to the vice president for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.

Date of last cabinet review: January 15, 2019

The originator of this policy & procedure is the dean of students. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the originator by calling 801-957-5027.