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Aircraft Electronics

This is an excellent addition to aviation maintenance degree/certificate, someone who already possesses the A&P license, or taken as a standalone program. There are no programs like it in Utah.

This can be a very enjoyable career as the Aviation Market is expected to grow considerably in the next 10-20 years. Many airline maintenance programs have a strong desire for regular A&P mechanics to have extra avionics training and troubleshooting experience. This certificate can easily be acquired in the same time frame as the Aviation Maintenance Technician program at SLCC. 

Classes are designed with intent to help students get NCATT AET (National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies - Aircraft Electronics Technician) certification and then the NCATT AET endorsements: "Autonomous Navigation Systems", "Dependent Navigation Systems", "Onboard Communications and Safety Systems", and "Radio Communications Systems". Students will also learn material to Pass FCC General Radio Operators License test. Many companies require avionics technicians to have FCC GROL license but there is no license required by United States. FCC course can be waived for students who already have it.

Will also learn to use wide variety of specialized test equipment.

This short program does not specifically address Bench Technician training.

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