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School of Technical & Professional Specialties

Diesel Systems Technology

Salt Lake Community College teaches students the general concepts of diesel systems technology. Technicians in this field repair and maintain diesel equipment such as:

  • diesel trucks
  • construction equipment
  • mining equipment such as: bulldozers, cranes and earth movers

Students will be trained to handle many kinds of repairs from rewiring electrical systems to major engine overhaul. Training is provided on a variety of special tools and equipment such as:

  • power and machine tools
  • welding and flame-cutting equipment
  • jacks and hoists
  • computerized testing equipment
  • diagnostic equipment

Students learn though hands-on training using the most current and up-to-date engines and vehicles components as possible. This program is designed to promote leadership, communication, social and employability skills.

Please note that the courses in this program are 5 weeks in duration. Students should plan to complete 3 diesel related courses through the semester. Please see course schedules for more information.

Occupations in this area:

For state and national occupation information, visit O*Net Online and enter the following O*Net code(s):

  • 49-3031.00 Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists

* The U.S. Education Department now requires institutions to provide Gainful Employment information to prospective students that provide consumer information on program costs, student debt and completion. The above Career & Program information will provide a comparison between similar programs at different institutions

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  • Maintenance and Light Repair
  • Brakes, suspension, steering and alignment
  • Electrical/electronic systems
  • Fuel Injection/drivability
  • Emission controls
  • Heating and air-conditioning
  • Automotive engines
  • Transmission and drive train systems
  • Diagnostics and review
Quantity Description
1 ea. Pry Bar 18"
1 ea. 3-Ring Binder with Lined Paper 8 1/2" x 11"
1 ea. Blow Gun, air safety nozzle
1 ea. Tool Box (rolling or portable)
1 ea. Parts Cleaning Brush
1 ea. Light Bulb - 50 watt rough service or equivalent
1 ea. Pocket Calculator, Texas Instrument TI-35 or equivalent
1 ea. Cold Chisel 3/4"
1 ea. Battery Post Cleaner
1 ea. Brass Drift 3/4" x 8"
1 set Drill Bit Set, high speed up to 1/2"
1 set Screw Extractors
1 ea. File, mill single cut 8" or 10"
1 ea. Flashlight, 2 "D" cell
1 ea. Feeler Gauge, 25 blade set
1 pr. Safety Glasses
1 pr. Leather Gloves
1 ea. Welding Hood with Lens #10 or darker
1 ea. Gas Welding Goggles with Lens #6 or darker
1 pr. Leather Welding Gauntlet Gloves
1 ea. Soldering Gun 240/325 watt, Weller
1 ea. Hacksaw with 18-24 tooth steel extra blades
1 ea. Ball Peen Hammer 8 oz.
1 ea. Ball Peen Hammer 32 oz.
1 ea. Dead-blow Hammer 2 lb. or equal
1 ea. Fluke DVOM #70 or #88 or equal
1 ea. Micrometer 0-1"-.002 reading, carbide tips & ball, Mitatoya or equal
1 ea. Oil Can, 1 pint
1 pr. Pliers, cutting diagonal
1 pr. Pliers, internal-external, TRU-ARC snap ring
1 set Allen Wrench Set, English and Metric
1 pr. Pliers, water pump 10", channel lock or equal
1 set Screw drivers, 8 pc, Challenger #7508 or equal
1 set Sockets, 1/2" drive to 1-1/4"
1 set Sockets, 3/8" drive
1 set Sockets, 1/2" metric to 33mm
1 set Impact Sockets, 1/2" drive
1 set Torx Sockets
1 set Sockets, deep 3/8" drive
1 ea. Socket, screwdriver bits
1 ea. Wrench, adjustable 12"
1 set Wrench Box, open-end combination to 1-1/2"
1 ea. Wrench, torque 250 lb. capacity, Bonnie ratchet head
1 ea. Wrench, metric box open-end combination to 33mm
1 set Ear Muffs or Plugs, soft

Note: This list is a basic Journeyman tool list to get the student into the field and must be accumulated by graduation.

  • If any College-owned equipment does not function properly, please report it immediately to the instructor.
  • Safety Glasses' must be worn in the lab class without exception.

All students must provide and maintain to industry standards three pair of coveralls to be worn in the lab class.

Salt Lake Community College cannot be held liable for tools lost or stolen. Please take the necessary precautions to secure your tools.

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