The Globe Newspaper

The Globe Newspaper serves as a stepping stone for Salt Lake Community College students looking to enter the workforce as journalists, photographers and editors.

The Globe is distributed online at and printed every Wednesday during spring and fall semesters.

Because the Globe is a student-produced newspaper, every edition is created, written and published by students.

The Globe is an independent platform for students to tell the stories that make SLCC unique.

The Globe Newspaper:

  • Encourages the participation of all students.
  • Offers an open campus forum for student issues.
  • Respects the views and opinions of all members of the community.
  • Reaches tens of thousands of students, staff, faculty, campus and community members.

While students enrolled in the journalism class are the primary contributors to the Globe, any SLCC student can be a part of their student newspaper.

Students who are a part of the SMC can do the following jobs for practicum credit:

  • Writing, submitting and revising articles,
  • Editing,
  • Layout design,
  • Photography,
  • And other duties as required.

Some staff positions are also available for students who want or need work experience.