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“The fact is that most sociologists regard their field as an approach rather than as a subject matter, a perspective rather than a body of knowledge. What differentiates us from other observers of the human scene is how we look out at the world – the way our eyes are focused, the way our intellectual reflexes are set, the way our imaginations are tuned.”

Kai T. Erikson, Yale University

With so many major social issues coming to the forefront in the news, how can we determine what is really impacting our society? Do race, class, and gender really make a difference in our opportunities, and if so, how? What are the methods that are used to gather data behind these claims and why should we care?

Learn how to think critically about how social structures affects the opportunities individuals have and to understand the patterns behind the statistics we hear every day by studying sociology! With the skills and knowledge gained in this degree program, students can learn how to make a difference in the world and help to solve social problems.

The sociology program offers individual courses in sociology as well as a two-year AS degree with an emphasis in sociology.

Two aspects make up the sociological perspective:

  1. Not the individual but the society as a whole is the object of study. This means that sociologists identify the various groups that are a part of society and examine their patterns of how people in those groups behave.
  2. Sociologists look for the shared view of reality and rules that shape these patterns of behavior. Accordingly, the focus is on the social structure and social dynamics of the human group rather than on the nature of the individuals within the group.

Students should check with the department to determine which courses are transferable to other colleges within the Utah System of Higher Education.

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