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Most courses are taught during evening hours from 5:30 - 10:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Note that some courses may vary occasionally. For current courses taught contact the University Partnerships program:

Yes, students should submit an official transcript, of all colleges attended, to the four-year institution they are applying to for admission. Students can visit with the four-year Program Coordinator or Program Advisor.

Meet with a SLCC Program Academic Advisor or contact the four-year instruction Program Advisor. Non-SLCC students should contact the four-year instruction Program Advisor.

Registration is coordinated through each institution. For more information contact the host institution.

Students enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs taught at SLCC must pay the tuition and fees charged by the host institution. There may be scholarships or reduced fees associated with these programs.

Students need to apply through FASFA to determine financial aid.

Many host institutions offer scholarship opportunities, even for those that do not qualify for financial aid. Students will need to check with the host institutions for scholarship application deadlines.