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Continued Academic Probation (P3)

Students whose semester GPA is above 2.0, but whose Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) remains below 2.0 for three or more consecutive semesters will be placed on continued academic probation and a registration hold will be placed on their account every semester until they are in good academic standing. Students who comply with the Pathways to Academic Student Success Plan (PASS) and/or their semester GPA may remain on Continued Academic Probation. Students who do not complete their pass plans or improve their semester GPA will be placed on academic suspension or deceleration.

Students who are placed on Continued Academic Probation will be unable to make changes to their class schedule until they complete the following:

  • Complete the P3 Continued Academic Probation: Pathway to Academic Student Success form.
  • Make an appointment with their primary academic advisor. Advisors are assigned by your current program of study. Students can make an appointment online by signing into MySLCC, visiting the "Advising" tab, and logging into MySuccess. The primary advisor will be listed under “Your Connections.” You can also call the Academic Advising office at 801-957-4978 for assistance identifying your advisor and making an appointment.
  • Submit a midterm grade report at the mid-semester follow-up meeting with their academic advisor. Failure to submit a grade report or attend their mid-semester meeting means the original registration hold will be reinstated.

Academic Advisors will assist with course schedules to accommodate the many demands in a student’s life, connect students to counseling or basic needs resources available on campus, or explain how SLCC policies and procedures can help bring their GPA back to good standing or seek continued financial assistance.  If they are receiving financial aid, the advisor can also assist with appeals related to their Satisfactory Academic Progress.

A fourth semester with a cumulative GPA below 2.0 will move a student to Academic Suspension or Deceleration, meaning they will have to have one semester where they are not able to register for classes or they will only be approved to take a certain number of credit hours it they agree to the conditions in a new PASS plan.