Computers build bridges.

Is your future in CSIT?

Computers are about connection; they solve problems in daily life. People who work with computers are problem solvers, too.

Do you want to use computers to tackle deep, multidimensional problems — like climate change, cancer research or cyber warfare — with imagination and creativity? Do you want to make a positive difference in the world? Consider CSIT at SLCC.

Whether you're a gamer, a communicator or a big-picture thinker, we have a program to fit your interests and skills:

And that’s just the beginning.

Degrees Offered

Study Geospatial Technology, Network Administration and Network Engineering or Computer Science & IT. One of 4 AS degrees will set you up to transfer to a four-year school, and our diverse certificate programs can give you a leg up for entry-level computing positions.

Career Opportunities

Computer Programmer
Database Designer
GIS Programmer
Mobile Software and Applications Developers
Network Administrator
Network Engineer
Software Developer
Systems Analyst
Web Programmer and Developer
and more.

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Academic Advisors help you make experience-based plans for your pathway. When we say experience, we mean both the street smarts you bring to SLCC and any “a-ha!” moments that happen during your first semester.

Save Time, Save Money: Follow Your Plan

Transfer and graduation plans don’t need to be complicated. Your advisor will help you graduate and transfer to a four-year school or join the workforce in the fastest, most cost-effective way possible.

Become a Student with Staying Power

SLCC faculty teach in high-impact ways. Your first-year experience will give you staying power within and beyond the classroom.

Celebrate Your Success!

You made it! But that doesn’t mean we’re any less here for you. SLCC Alumni have access to career services for up to 1 year post-graduation and our transfer center can field continuing questions.

SUGGESTED First 5 Classes

Not ready to pick a major, or even your first classes? Start here. While you explore, your advisor will help you choose from the programs within CSIT. If you decide to change your major or Area of Study, your advisor can help adjust your academic plan to reach your goals.

CSIS 1030 (Foundations of Computer Science)
ENG 1010 or placement
PSY 1010 (General Psychology) SS
MATH 1050 or placement
GEOG 1000 (Physical Geography) PS


The first day of school can be disorienting; we’re here to make sure it’s just the opposite. Before day one, you’ll meet with your Computer Science and Information Technology advisor, and a group of other first-year students, to learn about scheduling appointments and registering for the right courses.

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Whatever program you choose, count on two face-to-face pit stops with your advisor along the way. We will, too.  Find your advisor by Area of Study and major now, or contact Jewly Harris, lead academic advisor for Computer Science and Information Technology. 

Academic Advisor

Jewly Harris

Career Services

Need help exploring careers or areas of study? What about finding a job or an internship? If you’re overwhelmed and not sure where to begin, Career Services is here to help. Whether it’s learning about your skill set, scholarships, resumes, cover letters, networking, interviewing or salary negotiation, our team of trained Career Coaches, Peer Mentors and Employer Specialists can help you create an individualized life plan — and stick to it.

We’ll help you better understand who you are, what you want to do professionally and the steps to take to get there. Engaging with Career Services early and often is the most important step toward achieving this goal and feeling confident in your life direction.

Career Coach

Ray Taylor
Still have questions about choosing your area? Focus 2 Career can guide you.

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