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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement  

The SLCC Archival Program aims to create an inclusive environment where all users feel welcome, and differences are valued and supported. We embrace and support the range and depth of human and social identities in our efforts to provide equitable access to information. 

DEI Activities 

Some examples of ways the SLCC Archives Program is working to live up to our DEI statement include: working with the GSSRC to improve terminology around sexuality and gender; updating subject headings and descriptions to use better and more helpful descriptions; and actively collecting from underrepresented groups on campus. 

Statement on Potentially Harmful Content  

The Salt Lake Community College Archives Program is divided into the Historical Archives, dealing with physical records, and the Institutional Repository, dealing with digital and digitized records. We collect archival records with the intention to preserve and make available records of historical value to SLCC and the broader community. We strive to include materials that document a multiplicity of viewpoints. We recognize that some of the archival records in our holdings may reflect outdated, biased, or offensive views and opinions. For all archival records, great care is taken to provide contextualization, as well as respectful and inclusive descriptions.  

The Institutional Repository houses additional collections that contain materials which have been received through partnerships or donations. These non-archival collections may reflect more specialized interests. Digital collections in the form of text, images, sound, and video are openly available for a variety of purposes: teaching, research, and learning. Some of the materials included range from creative works to grey literature or scholarly works. Other materials relate to violent or graphic events which are preserved as part of unique collections such as the Utah Birth Stories Collection. We recognize that some materials in these digital collections may reflect outdated, biased, or offensive views and opinions. When describing these materials, great attention is paid to creating respectful and inclusive descriptions along with contextualization. 

In creating this statement, we drew inspiration and guidance from various sources including the Digital Public Library of America, the Stanford Special Collections and University Archives, American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights, the Society of American Archivist's Core Values Statement and Code of Ethics, and SLCC's Academic Freedom, Professional Responsibility, and Tenure Policy

For information regarding materials collected, please see the Salt Lake Community College Archives Program Policy