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Concurrent Enrollment


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Registration is the process of officially adding yourself to the SLCC college roll for each CE class, and must be done every semester for each class through your MySLCC account.

#1 - Before You Register - MEET prerequisites

Many concurrent enrollment classes require prerequisites. Prerequisites help ensure that you are prepared to be successful in certain college classes. Talk with your high school counselor or high school concurrent enrollment coordinator to make sure you have the appropriate placement scores on file with SLCC before registering for concurrent enrollment classes. Click here to find out more about prerequisites.

#2 - Before you register - SET up Your mySLCC Account

Before you can register for classes you first need to set up a MySLCC Account. MySLCC is the college's student portal for registering for classes, paying tuition, accessing grades, ordering transcripts, and other important information. A complete list of tutorials on how to set up and access different features of your MySLCC Account can be found on the MySLCC Overview & Tutorials page. 


Because this is concurrent enrollment and you are getting both high school and college credit you will need to register in two places; (1) at your high school (typically done through your high school registration system or high school counselor), and (2) at SLCC through your MySLCC account.

Registration at SLCC should be done during the first week of class. See the Register for Classes tutorial for step by step instructions on how to register or watch the short video below. As part of the registration process it is your responsibility to follow instructions carefully, meet all deadlines, and double check with both your high school counselor and through your MySLCC account to make sure you are officially registered at both the high school and the college. Failure to do so will result in your not receiving college credit for the class.

PARENTS: We strongly encourage you to let your child register themselves. Stand by to help them if problems arise, but let them do the work. This is a valuable skill that will serve them well as they transition to college after high school.

If You Run Into Problems:

Problems are not uncommon during registration. If any of the following apply you will not be able to register until the issue has been resolved: 

  • Required test scores or pre-requisites are not in the SLCC system.
  • You owe money to SLCC.
  • It has been more than a semester or year since you took your last concurrent enrollment class.
  • An error message arises when you attempt to register.

When you encounter these problems reach out to your high school CE coordinator who will work with the SLCC CE office to help you resolve the issue.


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